Introduction to runtang Yuefu

Runtang Yuefu is located at the core of the South plate of Tangshan Fengrun city. The project covers an area of about 57100 square meters, with a total planned building area of about 165000 square meters. The surrounding business circle is surrounded by many buses, 47000 square meters of garden landscape, 8602 square meters of lawn area, 35 kinds of trees, and 400 meters of health track, pocket park, small adult world, botanical Education Park and other theme landscape spaces. Select brand building materials, create a 24-hour scientific and technological security system, and customize a 300 ㎡ exclusive club.
The project is currently in the stage of existing houses, with 93-125 ㎡ of existing houses for sale, which has become the benchmark representative of the improved buildings in Fengrun district.

Introduction to runtang Ruifu

Xiangyu zhengfengrun tangrui mansion is located in the Nancheng block of Fengrun District, Tangshan city. It is jointly developed by Xiangyu real estate and Zhengfeng iron and steel. The project covers an area of about 100400 square meters and has a total planned building area of about 279700 square meters. The project is close to Yanshan Road, the central axis of the city. As a key development potential block of Fengrun, Nancheng has a total planning of more than 1000 mu, including high-end residential, commercial center, medical care, high-quality education and other resources to build an internal circulation urban center. During the accelerated construction of widening Yanshan Road to 60m two-way six lane, the congestion and ponding conditions were completely solved. The kilometer landscape green corridor was surrounded by six theme landscapes, and ginkgo, Chinese Sophora and other trees were planted on both sides. It is a natural secret.
Designed by Singapore master garden company, Xiangyu "happy life details" product system is implanted in the community, and theme spaces such as 500m health ring slow track and pocket park are planned. Seven intelligent security systems such as face recognition are created, and multiple home returning procedures such as hotel entrance hall are created.
It is a rare customized 1500 ㎡ high-end club in the area, equipped with 24-hour constant temperature swimming pool, fitness center, family party room & private banquet hall, chess and card room, billiard room and other sports and leisure entertainment facilities, providing customized value-added services. Enjoy the "one family" customer service system, introduce the "little elephant happy home" community value-added service system, integrate the cloud service system, Xiangyu housekeeper, Xiangyu school neighborhood Festival, etc., and provide the owner with comprehensive services.
Xiangyu real estate is based on the new sample of the top government system, inheriting the high-end blood of the government system, and has created a total of 83 ㎡, 101 ㎡, 113 ㎡, and 134 ㎡ excellent residential households with a construction area of about 83 ㎡, and presented a new height of living in Tangshan.
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